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How Does It Work?
        The first step in proper gutter protection is cleaning the debris out from your gutters.  Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. collects the debris, bags it, and removes it from your property so it isn't laying around your home after your service.  Once cleaned, our technicians install our Gutter Protection guards on your existing gutters.  Not only is this method more effective than one piece systems, but much less expensive.  The guards prevent leaves, pine needles, and other gutter clogging debris from getting inside the gutter.  The debris sits on the guard, dries, and blows away...keeping the rain water flowing properly on the inside of the gutter and keeping your home safe and cleaner for longer periods of time!

        Gutters are designed to be the “sentries” of your home.  Ideally, they control the flow of water around your home, protecting it from ailments.  Clean, debris free gutters can not only save your home from premature decay, but can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills.  An important tip to remember the significance your gutters have on your home is “as the gutter goes, so the water flows.”         

        Clogged gutters cause water to overflow and collect on your siding and on the foundation of your home.  During warmer months, the water on your siding helps promote mold and mildew growth, leading to more frequent cleaning. During colder months, this excess water freezes and expands causing “frost heave”, or cracks in your foundation wall.  Water that backs up in the gutter can also cause moisture damage to the wood in the fascia around your home.  When the water backs up in your gutters it also creates undetected roof leaks that can result in interior damage to walls and ceilings.

        The same ill effects of improper gutter drainage can affect property around your home.  For example, water that collects on concrete sidewalks and driveways can freeze and similar to your foundation, will result in cracks and sagging concrete.  The water that pools on this concrete also causes rapid mold and mildew growth during warmer months and ice during colder months.  Both of these events result in a slippery hazard for the home owner and their family.  The same runoff can wash away landscaping, cause soil erosion, and kill grass and trees due to over watering. Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. can help with Gutter Protection!